UP to Jerusalem and on to Arad Elisha’s Well Ministry

UP to Jerusalem and on to Arad Elisha’s Well  Ministry

Come everyone who is thirsty, come to the waters! Also, You that have no money, come, buy and eat. (Isaiah 55:1a).

Over a period of several years the Lord has placed the city of Arad and the people of Arad on our hearts. He has clearly shown us that they are hungry for truth and not just physical bread (food). Through prayer and personal observation, we have discovered that the people are lonely, without hope and lost from the God of our Fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Their deepest longing is for His presence to be manifest in their lives. They don’t know Him or where to look for Him, because they can’t see Him and have no idea who they are looking for. He also showed us to go to the spiritual wilderness of Arad (live in Arad) and feed them with food for the flesh, and demonstrate His character and heart through love and kindness. For numerous years we have personally followed His marvelous love and light. He has always shown and taught us to be humble and to serve in His Kingdom work and to walk/live among non-believers. To love, pray, and minister to them.

Now we begin our Journey. We have heeded to the call of our God. We are ready – and are now moving toward touching Arad with God’s love for His people………………!!!

We are looking at a house in Arad for the headquarters of this ministry. We appreciate your prayers and help as the Lord leads.

Our needs are both prayerful and financial.

You can make financial contributions at: http://livingwordevents.org/israel

Or follow these updates as an intercessor for us Please Email us if you want to join us as an intercessor: lwmirich@comcast

Our Responsibilities: to minister healing, deliverance, and encouragement, cook, and provide nourishing food to the poor and needy in Arad and surrounding areas.

Rich will work alongside Tikva and volunteers (we currently have 3 volunteers) in serving and ministering food and encouragement to these people. I will also continue training people in the prophetic, stir up their gifts, and encourage them to minister to the lost and hurting in Arad and anywhere the Lord may send them in Israel.

Tikva will be managing the kitchen, cooking, serving, and ministering as she loves to do and she specifically ministers love and encouragement to the folks who come for the Lord’s help. She is an amazing encourager and releases the joy of the Lord everywhere she goes. Because of her heart for the Lord there will be ongoing Hebraic worship and music.

We are still in need of a ministry house as the one we were looking at did not work for us.  Please pray for clarity in finding the place the Father has for us. And yes, we are in need of financial support. Please pray how the Lord would have you work with us.

We love and bless all of you,

Thank you,

Tikva and Rich