Due to illness Gary has cancelled and has rescheduled for the following:

Friday July 31, 7:00p

Saturday Aug. 1, 10am-Noon, 2p-4p, & 7pm

Sunday Aug. 2, 10:00am

Gary is an award-winning television and film producer, shares his remarkable journeys and supernatural stories relating to historic events in America and the nations that have never been made public before. merely theory. For decades, Gary’s extensive background includes ABC News, HGTV, A&E, Discovery and National Geographic. Gary is also a noted Author, Speaker and an ordained Minister, Prophet and Revivalist. His heart is to bring about Restoration and Revival in personal lives, cities and nations. He has traveled extensively and ministered throughout the USA, Israel, United Kingdom, Europe, Ukraine, Russia, India. Lives are dramatically touched and transformed wherever God uses him. Gary was given (appointed the supervising producer) of Restore America on April 18, 2000, the 225th anniversary of Paul Revere’s ride. The LORD told Gary, “I’m giving you this show because I want you to travel the nation to repent to Restore America.”

Gary discovered he could take the Blood (via Communion) back in time to literally heal breaches from the past. To heal a breach, you must always to go the root of the problem. If you can get the Blood to the root, you can repent and heal sins of the past.

Gary's “Big Dream” The Lord first showed this to me in an open vision 17 years ago in 1995 on the way to Morningstar in Charlotte, NC. It’s a vision that the Lord clearly spoke to me to call “Destiny”…. a para-church blueprint or model that can be modified given an Apostle’s vision for a particular city, region or nation’s need with Apostolic/ Prophetic oversight. They would be campus-type settings that would serve to train, equip and release Believers on a practical level into their “Destiny”, while at the same time helping to mature them into the fullness of Christ as the Apostle Paul spoke of in Ephesians 4. They will be places of learning and mentoring in the 7 spheres, while those being trained can come alongside leaders in the on-going practical application of their sphere and then be released with the resources to accomplish their calling. At the center of the campus is an auditorium with the 24/7 Harp and Bowl worship and intercession model that would bring the atmosphere of Heaven, so that the Presence of God has a place to dwell continually and the atmosphere of Heaven is tangible throughout…a place where the Supernatural realm is embraced and revelatory ideas from the Throne are released. The outer hubs serve as the buildings/auditoriums/labs for training and act as an extension from the power source and would function overall something like a heavenly nuclear reactor, where vision and opportunity “collide”. It might best be described as a supernatural reactor or open heaven on earth, releasing the fullness of the Father’s purposes in innumerable ways through Believers of all ages. I believe that Destiny’s logo is actually a seal from Heaven and this model is like a blueprint from the Throne for the last days. He gave me the vision in April of 1995 and through the past 17 years it has endured the testing process of what is referred to as the “death of the vision” so the Lord might resurrect it in His time and for His purposes. It actually preceded IHOP and the 7 Mountains expressions released in the late 90’s, but this is a detailed combination of both where they would compliment each other on a practical level. This model reflects much of what He has placed in my DNA for Media and the Creative Arts, however the blueprint is flexible and can be modified as needed to fit other Apostolic visions in the 7 spheres depending on the needs and the leadings of the Holy Spirit.

This is free to all, an offering will be taken

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