Greg & Susan Card

Friday May 22 7:00p

Saturday May 23, 9:00am, 2pm, & 7pm

As working artists, Greg and Susan Card talk about what they do and not merely theory. They model the potential for change. Greg and Susan have also conducted numerous workshops in churches and other public venues to impact the culture and invite people into the revitalizing of the Arts in the Church.

With a combined 90+ years of practice, their entire lives have been as artists. For the past 7+ years they have been equipping artists in the church to be authentic and fearless. In the visual arts, Greg and Susan have equipped people to be free to go anywhere and be who they are.

“We are in the midst of an inventive and cultural transformation. What is the role of Christians and the church as a whole in this?” – Greg Card

“We are looking to shift from art as a form of creative release to a paradigm of ‘art with a purpose,’ and the purpose is to hear and understand the voice of God. Creative release will remain an important aspect of art in the church, but there will now be a path to pursue once the release has been realized.” – Joe Shrewsbury

This Intensive is free to all, an offering will be taken

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