Part 6 – Up to Jerusalem

Part 6 - Up to Jerusalem

Hello friends and intercessors,

This is the latest update to the Up to Jerusalem Journey.  I arrived in Tel Aviv on June 8, 2017.  A dear friend picked me up at the airport and drove me Up to Jerusalem.

Upon arriving at the BnB in Jerusalem that afternoon, I settled in and later went to dinner in the Old City with my friend. Another friend joined us there and the conversation immediately moved toward the Lord and His purpose for our being there.

That night the city was still celebrating Jerusalem Day and images of Israel and her history were being projected onto the Old City walls. The streets were packed with people as we walked home to the BnB. I could feel excitement and expectation in the air. Something great is about to happen in this place. God is showing Himself strong here.

A change is taking place here at the BnB. The lease is up and it is time to move. So we are looking for the right place, the right price, and it has to be done by August 1, 2017. This will also include space for meetings as I establish the ministry house here in this city. The work and ministry here will start in Jerusalem when we find that place. So prayers are appreciated that God would grant us favor and wisdom in making the right decision according to His will and purpose.

While In the Desert

As you may recall a place is established for the work in Arad. Arad is in the Negev very near the Dead Sea and rather “warm” in the summer. An AC unit was purchased by a friend for 50% off the normal cost and my friend and I delivered it to Arad on Friday last week. It is installed and working great. This was my first time seeing the Arad apartment. I love the apartment although it is small compared to an American unit. Historically, God always has me start ministry with “small beginnings”. I will send pictures of the apartment in a forthcoming blog.

My heart and the vision Up To Jerusalem is to restore the foundation of the apostles and prophets – Yeshua Ha Mashiach the Chief Cornerstone, beginning again in Jerusalem. To establish a community of the Holy Spirit in Arad, I also have a passion to see the true One New Man Body of Messiah restored. I believe we are in the times of the restoration of all things. (See Acts 3:19-26).

Below are the needs I have to live in the Land:

To be a legal citizen of Israel so that I can stay in the Land and finish the work I know He has called me to do there.

Monthly finances for housing, food, clothing, and any needed medical/dental expenses. Estimate: housing/food $1000.-1500. per month. Set aside $150 per month for medical/dental say $1800. Clothing approx $600 per year. These are all estimates and I live a pretty simple lifestyle.

I will eventually need a car for travel in the Land. A good used car in Israel can cost $20,000.00

A house to minister from in Jerusalem as the current BnB will relocate in August. Somethings may change in this and I will keep you posted. I would like to purchase a house or condo.

I am praying for people who will commit to intercession and monthly financial giving.

May God continually pour out His Spirit, love, and power on you.

Rich Harris