Part 1 – Up To Jerusalem – Casting the Vision

Part 1 – Up To Jerusalem – Casting the Vision

First of all I want to thank all those who gave financially as well as all those who faithfully interceded for me on this trip. As you may recall, I had a personal agenda for this trip which God compelled me in the Spirit to lay aside and follow His leading day by day. I humbly obeyed and below find some of the results.

You may remember, much of my focus was on the previous work in Ashkelon some 12-15 years ago. And now God was clearly speaking that I was to go to Jerusalem. So as I pursued that I needed a place to stay and I felt I was to find a Bed and Breakfast with a believer in that City. God granted that through a peculiar event with a friend from 16 years prior, someone I had not sought after in that time period. There were no rooms available in Jerusalem until October 26, so I found another place with some friends in Acre (Acco) for the first week in Israel.

On my trip to Jerusalem on October 26th I was welcomed with open arms by a dear friend. This began the daily journey of following the Spirit day by day. My friend Tikva, knew in the Spirit where I was to go on certain days and times. I was invited on those specific days to travel or walk the streets of Jerusalem with her.

Each day we walked in Jerusalem I discovered God’s heart for that City and the people that live there. I could feel and sense in the Spirit what Tikva spoke to me in one of our many conversations, that the people “had no joy.” The reason was that for generations in that land or in other lands where the Jews lived they were continually persecuted, killed, or terrorized for reasons they still do not understand. Why are the Jews and Israelis so hated by the world? As they live daily in the Land and in the City of Jerusalem, they often live in fear of another attack of terror or murder of one of their own.

I contacted a Messianic believer and his wife from the Negev through Facebook messenger and we met a few days later for lunch in Jerusalem. The wife being the prophetic one of the two said to me during lunch “you know you are supposed to be here in Israel?” I said “yes, I believe I am but I do not know how that will occur.” Then she followed that comment with the following statement which struck my heart with joy coming from someone who is a leader in the Land. She said “we need seasoned men of God here to help us with the work here in Israel. I know you are one of those.” Through those statements and the conversation over lunch I began to deeply consider why I was in Jerusalem. But further events led to much more.
Friends that my late wife Gail and I had known in the 1990’s suddenly reappeared in my life once again in Israel. Through those divine appointments I saw a connection for future biblical studies concerning the return of the Israelites to the Land. While I also know I am to mentor in the prophetic and other things of the Spirit. All this may be a part of my future work there.


The Abrahamic Connection

Two trips to the City of Arad in the Northern Negev spurred further vision being cast for the possibility of me living in the Land again. In the early 1990’s a major prophetic voice from the Kansas City days prophesied over me that “I was an Abrahamic vessel and that God had me on a journey that I would not know where I was going until I got there.” I had not remembered this until I returned to the USA and was reminiscing on the following experience in the Negev.

On November 9, 2016 Tikva ask me to join her on a business trip to Arad. While riding in the car and nearing Khiriyat Gat, near Hebron, I felt an intense presence of the Lord as being one with Him and one with the land – I was overwhelmed by the power of His presence. Suddenly, I looked over at Tikva and said, “This is my land.” She responded with very definite “yes, I know!” Then I shared what I was feeling in the Spirit and Tikva said “do you want to know why you are feeling that way?” Of course I said yes. Tikva explained to me that we were in the area of Abraham’s tomb and memorial. The following Wednesday on another trip to Arad we visited that place. I will never forget that experience as my Beulah Land day. Beulah means the Land is married to God, and my Abrahamic covenant of 52 years ago made me a part of that marriage. For me this experience was just another confirmation for me to live in Israel, now specifically Jerusalem.

There is so much more to share but I will share another chapter in the next Blog. In the meantime I am asking of you my dear friends for prayer and intercession for specifics and timing of my move to the Land.