Blog 8 – Up To Jerusalem

Blog 8 - Up To Jerusalem

Part 8 Blog – Israel – Up to Jerusalem


Hello friends and intercessors,

Much has happened since my last update so it’s time once again to talk with you.

My friend’s BNB was officially closed on July 25th. She has moved to a new smaller place in a great neighborhood in Jerusalem about one kilometer from the hotel where she has started a new career.

For my part it was difficult to find a furnished apartment for one month. Most owners want long term for a minimum of one year. So I found a great room in Abu Tur a neighborhood with a great view of the Mount of Olives where Yeshua will return one day soon.

The owner of the house is a Messianic Jew from “East LA”. He is a bit younger than me but in very poor health. His fiancé comes and cleans several days a week and they plan to marry in two months. They are great people.

Plans look clear for my move to Arad on September 1. I do need a few things for the apartment. I will need a stove for cooking, a washer for laundry, some living room furniture a nice couch and couple of chairs, coffee table, etc. I would like to have a small desk for writing and study. I purchase a bed from the BNB we closed and my friend is giving me some really nice bedding, night tables, etc.

I may have mentioned this but my visa expires on September 8. So I need wisdom and favor for a renewed visa (believing for 3 more months). The plan is to take a tour to Jordan visit Petra and stay with a 2or 3 day tour. Good sources tell me that I can get my visa stamped when I come back into Israel with the tour. Never been to Jordan and folks tell me Petra is beautiful. That is the plan. I have looked at several others but this seems to work for this time.

Today I finished my first week of a two week study at Ulpan-Or (structured Hebrew study center). Of course I am the oldest student (hhhhmmmm – shv’im v shesh 76) but I am truly enjoying the class. The class is 3 hours a day plus outside activities. Yesterday we went to the streets and shops for 1.5 hours where I had to speak to other Israeli’s in Hebrew – wow that was a stretch but it built my confidence that I can do this!

God is here with me daily and His presence is always weighty and significant. Regardless of daily circumstances (not always positive) I know He dwells within and also affects everything outside of me.

Pressing prayer issues are for favor to get my passport renewed for at least 3 months until the Lord opens other avenues for permanent residence and/or citizenship. Pray for my monthly expenses to be met and the needs for the apartment in Arad mentioned above.

May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you.

Abundant blessings,



My heart and the vision Up To Jerusalem is to restore the foundation of the apostles and prophets – Yeshua Ha Mashiach the Chief Cornerstone beginning again in Jerusalem. To establish a community of the Holy Spirit in Arad, I also have a passion to see the true One New Man Body of Messiah restored. I believe we are in the times of the restoration of all things. (See Acts 3:19-26).

Below are the needs I have to live in the Land:

To be a legal citizen of Israel so that I can stay in the Land and finish the work I know He has called me to do there.

Monthly finances for housing, food, clothing, and any needed medical/dental expenses. Estimate: housing/food $1000.-1500. per month. Set aside $150 per month for medical/dental say $1800. Clothing approx $600 per year. These are all estimates and I live a pretty simple lifestyle.

I will eventually need a car for travel in the Land. A good used car in Israel can cost $20,000.00

A house to minister from in Jerusalem as the current BNB has closed. Some circumstances may change in this and I will keep you posted. I would eventually like to purchase a house or condo for ministry here in Jerusalem.

I praying for people who will commit to intercession and monthly financial giving.

May God continually pour out His Spirit, love, and power on you.