Militant Atheist Dies & Comes Back to Life

Militant Atheist Dies & Comes Back to Life

Former militant atheist, before his brush with death, thought he had all the answer’s until he encountered the reality of life beyond the grave. Encounter the terror of Hell and obtain a glimpse of the mysteries of Heaven that help uncover new hope and purpose for your life.

Author and Speaker B. W. Melvin gives a vivid account of seeing what lies beyond the grave from the perspective of a near-death survivor’s journey into the hereafter.

B. W. Melvin | After Hours Ministries |

Bio: B. W. Melvin, social work graduate from Colorado State University in the field of
Criminal Justice. Mr. Melvin is an active Christian Evangelist, studied theology
extensively, ran a successful prison ministry from 1988 to 1998. B. W. Melvin travels the country sharing his amazing story with powerful effect teaching on Spiritual Warfare, Christian Growth, and Apoplectics. B. W. is currently involved helping to establish and equip native ministries on the Cheyenne River and Standing Rock Reservations where revival is now breaking out.


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