Kawika Cornelius – Prophetic Evangelism

Kawika Cornelius - Prophetic Evangelism

Freedom and Joy Ministries, founded by Kawika Cornelius, is aimed to see people trained, equipped, and reached, to walk in the fullness of the Freedom and Joy of Christ’s finished work on the Cross. Here’s his story…

I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was 15 years old, in a county jail, charged as an adult, facing 8 years in prison. His love and forgiveness wrecked me forever. The same night I received Him, I had a life-changing encounter with the Holy Spirit. He ignited a fire in my heart that continues to burn. Despite seeming impossibilities, God did a miracle in the court system and I was transferred back into juvenile court and sentenced to two years in a juvenile program called Rites of Passage. While serving my sentence, I continued to grow in my walk with Jesus and began to feel called into the ministry.

After finishing my sentencing, I answered that call and joined a college-age ministry-training internship in Denver, called Masters Commission. I learned ministry basics, along with the importance and power of the Holy Spirit. This internship was key in my life, really emphasizing the importance of living a supernatural life in Christ. I graduated my first year in 2002.

In September of 2002, shortly after beginning my second year in Masters Commission, I was in a life threatening car accident, becoming paralyzed from my shoulders down. Believing Jesus purchased healing for me at the Cross, I immediately began believing for full healing and restoration in my body. Since then I’ve seen some miraculous healing that doctors said would never happen, and I continue to believe for the whole enchilada! Honestly, being paralyzed in the natural hasn’t been the easiest, but one thing that’s made it so much easier is knowing Jesus intimately, and experiencing His manifest presence. How can we be down, when we live in the glory realm with Jesus, right? I also have an amazing family, and a crazy group of friends that have been a huge source of strength and support.

After the car accident, I continued to answer God’s calling on my life. In 2004 I was given a full ride scholarship to Beacon University: Institute of Ministry Training. I studied there for three years, receiving my Associates and Bachelors in Theology. Along with the studying, training, in the past 9 years, I’ve served in many different areas of ministry: from prison and pastoral ministry, to outreach, prophetic, and nursing home ministry. It’s been an adventure partnering with the Holy Spirit to love people, and see lives transformed! On October 29th, 2011, I was ordained as a licensed minister by my home church, Resurrection Fellowship. This licensing was coupled with the launch of Freedom and Joy Ministries. God has given us a Vision to be a hub for Encountering God & being Equipped for Impact, for Northern Colorado, and the surrounding.


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