Inheritance Now – Debbie Milligan

Inheritance Now - Debbie Milligan

Release of Inheritance

  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, I choose as an act of my will to stand in the gap for my generational line. Forgive me for any agreements, alignments, inner vows or covenants I have made knowingly or unknowingly with any iniquitous sin and all resulting fruit of that sin.
  • Every curse, judgement, accusation or claim carried on this generational curse is broken and obliterated. I break off and loose all lies I have believed, spoken and took upon myself regarding my genetic line.
  • I take the sword of the Word of truth and cut off all demonic access to every part of my life and the life of my seed and their seed. I appropriate the blood of Jesus in every layer of my generational line… psychologically, physically and in the soul.
  • I cut off and sever all unholy, ungodly soul/body ties I have had with my generational line. I cut off and sever all unholy/ungodly mindsets that have kept me stuck in the mud of false identities. I command each and every one of those to fall to the ground powerless in the name of Jesus.  I choose to walk out of and away from all false identities that I have lived, moved and had my being in.
  • I declare and decree this day…I only live, move and have my being in YOU…NOT THE LIES.
  • I loose every camouflaging, covering, robbing, stealing, and hoarding spirit from my generational inheritances. I strip off all demonic strategies, plans, purposes, and assignments against my generational blessings and inheritances.
  • I am a joint heir with Christ, I am seated with Him in heavenly places. I rule and reign from that place…I don’t cut and run. Jesus cut covenant with me and stayed. I am His and He is mine.
  • My eyes are fixed on the author and finisher of my faith. I have overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb and the word of THIS TESTIMONY TODAY.
  • Lord God, Your Word does not come back void but accomplishes all it was sent forth to accomplish.
  • I send your word to bring healing in the broken places and full deliverance from all destruction in my generational line.
  • I command my Host Army to go forth into my generational line to slice and dice every demonic platform and ritualistic altar of evil, all spirits of poverty, lack, famine, infirmity, sickness and disease. I command them to go into the depths, heights and widths of my line to blow apart all networks of evil.
  • The same power that raised Christ from the dead dwells in me and I wield the sword of the dunumis, miracle working, sign and wonder producing power of Holy Spirit and I permanently cut off all unholy, ungodly cycles in my life. I speak finality to each and everyone one of them.
  • Addiction gone, relational upheaval gone, sickness, infirmity, disease gone, famine and poverty gone. Depression, oppression and self-centerdness gone. Each and every one of them blown up by the dunamis power of God.
  • I call forth and receive all my inheritance. All the enemy has hidden and locked away…BE LOOSED NOW IN JESUS NAME.
  • Father, I receive the inheritance that you have preserved and protected for me to have for such a time as this.

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