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Golden Eagle Publishing was founded in 2001 by Rich Harris and his late wife Gail for the purpose of helping young or unknown Christian writers get published. Since that time we have published several books and articles by various Christian authors in America and Israel.

a paradigm shift of prophetic revelation by rich harris


by Rich Harris

The Church is missing an ingredient in equipping the saints. Our ministry is not our identity; it is simply our gifts and calling. Rather than being transformed into the image of prophet or teacher, we are to be conformed to the image of Christ. This is a major paradigm shift in equipping the saints for ministry. God does no thing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets (see Amos 3:7).

A Paradigm Shift of Prophetic Revelation is written to lead us into the wisdom, likeness, and character of Jesus/Yeshua–the model of all New Covenant prophecy. It was gleaned from 20 years experience and will show you what New Covenant prophecy is about, including the three categories of prophecy, biblical standards and the office of a prophet. In these pages you will learn the anatomy of a prophetic word and how to process pure prophetic words. And, finally, you will learn what not to do in practicing prophecy in the Church.



by Rich Harris

In the coming days, it will be essential that the body of Christ know and understand the dynamics of prophecy, prophets, and their purpose and function in the church and world today. As we draw closer to times of darkness and chaos in the world, there will arise many who claim to know God, predict the future, demonstrate great power, and give prophetic words that many long to hear. Some will be God’s true prophetic voices, others will not. It is important that we be able to discern, understand, and deal with prophecy including those that are true, false, and those given by immature people. Rich carefully walks us through the scriptural basis of prophecy, its nature and proper administration, and shows us how to determine the truth about prophecy.



by Kingstone Rodney

In these days God is using the gift of prophecy to reveal something of His heart, mind, will, and purpose to the church. Not surprisingly, the enemy is using tactics to prevent those with prophetic giftings from receiving revelation in order to stop them from proclaiming. The result is similar to keeping an eagle earthbound. Instead of fulfillment and freedom, the prophet feels frustrated and restricted. Using the parallels between prophetic people and biblical references to eagles, Rodney Kingstone demonstrates the detrimental effect that earthbound eagles have on the church and how the body of Christ can be instrumental in seeing their own prophetic people soar once again.

rich harris


by Rich Harris

Prophetic evangelism is a worldwide coming move of God born from various prophetic and evangelisitc streams. Within these streams the Holy Spirit blows on His fiery forge tempering and hammering strategic tools of weaponry for the harvest of this age. This fully equipped army is illustrated through the words of Peter and the prophet Joel. Fulfillment of this prophecy began 2000 years ago when God’s Spirit gave birth to the New Covenant church and continues until the day of darkness for “…many successive generations” (Joel 2:2 NKJV). As our generation hears God’s voice, we must discard our own methods and programs and take up the spiritual weapons He is forming in the various streams of His eternal church.