Sunday Service with Ravi Kandal

Sunday Service with Ravi Kandal

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Sunday, April 29th at 10am

Come hear Ravi Kandal who has been uniquely gifted to hear the audible voice of God. This gift has allowed Ravi to make remarkable impacts around the world in the lives of witch doctors to world leaders. This journey with Jesus Christ has opened doors for incredible opportunities not only to serve the physical needs of the broken an needy but also to impart healing, hope and destiny to people around the world. Come and hear what it’s like to have healed memories and a passion for your true destiny.

About Ravi Kandal:

In 2004, Ravi married his wife Julie; nine years later, after founding their ministry, Kingdom Foundations, and investing years in church planting, income generation projects, feeding programs, and ministries to the untouchables of India, the two of them founded the first Christian newspaper in Bangalore, India.  Inspired by the life of Elijah, Ravi felt called to start a movement that would raise up people who truly understand their identity as the chosen ones of God.  Stepping into the media realm, Ravi hoped that this ministry would help the church of God discover the truth of the Word and the power of a life completely submitted to the wisdom of God.  In 2012, the Lord took this goal one step further as Ravi was presented with the opportunity to display this message in the highly praised film, “Father of Lights.” In the ultimate pursuit of this goal, it became apparent that the church would not be able to walk in strength without introducing the people of God to the emotional restoration that salvation makes available.  Desiring to see the children of God set free and living uninhibited in their full potential, Ravi worked tirelessly to make “Daddy’s Method” available to churches worldwide.  Through this method of emotional restoration, it is Ravi’s desire that others would discover freedom from unhealthy emotions, habits, addictions, and unrecognized patterns that keep the sons and daughters of God from realizing their destiny.