Sundays at 10am

We search out and reach out to find God in everything we do, just as God is reaching out to us to show us His plans and how much He loves us. Our overall goal is to teach our children how to hear God, along with how to be attentive to the ways Holy Spirit moves and communicates with us.

All of our lessons are Biblically based, and we teach that the Bible is the true Word of God. Like a treasure hunt, we have fun every day seeking after what God wants to share with us, and we teach the older children to help the younger ones. We start with Bible stories, singing, dancing, and doing simple art projects.  As the students become more confident in their ability to hear God, we teach the children how to create “prophetic” artwork, how to seek and receive Words of Knowledge, as well as how to sing and dance prophetically and how to operate in healing gifts.

The aim of our children’s church is for every student to mature into a real and meaningful relationship with God our Father, Jesus His Son and Holy Spirit and through these relationships be able to minister to people who need encouragement or healing.

Throughout the year as students become proficient and confident in their relationship with God, they will join the adult congregation to share their newly gained prophetic and healing abilities. Also, students will usually join the rest of the church during worship, or after learning about the Holy Communion they might join the rest of the congregation in celebrating communion or even serving communion to the rest of the church.

The most important thing both the teachers and the children learn is to follow Holy Spirit’s lead and trust the ways He wants to work with us. Our expectation is that every child will experience hearing God for themselves. Through Living Word’s Children’s Ministry, your child will come to recognize that we serve a living God who loves them and desires to talk with them on a regular basis.